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Want to make your avatar even more special? Consider uploading a version with our Furality Aqua Shader!

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How To Use The Furality Aqua Fins
Furality Aqua Shader - Luma Glow Quick Start
Furality Aqua Shader Luma Glow Setup
How To Use The Creative Tools For Substance Painter


We also have a documentation page that details the features and options of the Furality Aqua Shader:

Furality Aqua Shader Docs


Furality assets and tools are licensed under the Furality, Inc. Asset License. By downloading content from Furality, Inc., you accept the terms of this agreement.

Furality, Inc. Asset License Terms


Furality Aqua Shader was last updated on 06/11/2022 - Version 1.2.2

For help or support please use the #shader-help channel in the Furality Discord

You can test out Luma Glow feature of the shader in F.Y.N.N.'s Room

Download Furality Aqua Shader Download Furality Aqua Fins Download Furality Aqua Runes + Luma Flow Creative Tools


Furality Aqua Runes, Furality Aqua Fins, Furality Luma Flow, and Furality Aqua Substance Painter Tools created by Furality Creative Team

Furality Aqua Shader created by Naito Ookami

X-Bot model in example scene by fernandogilmiranda