Our 2021 Charity: SaveAFox Rescue

About SaveAFox Rescue

SAVEAFOX Corporation (publicly known as SaveAFox Rescue) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (EIN 82-3454531) located in Minnesota that rescues foxes and minks from fur farmers and private owners and educates the public about the conservation of these species. SaveAFox’s Mission Statement is "To rescue and provide forever homes for captive-born, non-releasable wildlife."

Many of the foxes at SaveAFox come from fur farms, as pet surrenders, or seized from their owners as the result of a legal situation and then brought to SaveAFox. Most of the farmed foxes at SaveAFox are given to them because they are sick, injured, or rejected, and therefore a liability or of no value to a fur farmer. Some pet surrenders come to SaveAFox because people purchase a fox without understanding how extremely difficult they are to care for, while other pet foxes we receive were seized by authorities after found being kept illegally. Foxes born in captivity are unable to be released into the wild due to legal and ethical reasons.

In 2020 attendees and staff of Furality helped raise just under $15,000 for SaveAFox Rescue by including fundraising drives during the conventions. To help support SaveAFox Rescue, we will be holding charity related events during Furality Online Xperience.

Learn More at The SaveAFox Rescue Website