Luma Glow Shader

Want to make your avatar even more special? Consider uploading a version with Luma Glow!

We’ve prepared a special shader that interacts with the crystal lighting system in Club F.Y.N.N. and other Furality Luma worlds. The emission of the avatar will glow with the music of Club F.Y.N.N. and realtime global illumination is simulated on avatars!

This is not AudioLink and Club F.Y.N.N. is not compatible with AudioLink avatars. In addition to the simulated realtime global illumination, Luma Glow brings performance benefits because it is controlled by the same system as our club lighting and does not require our worlds to process audio.

You can test out Luma Glow in F.Y.N.N.'s Room

Luma Glow was last updated on 5/31/2021

Luma Glow Shader created by Naito Ookami

Luma Rune designs and pattern created by Kreic

Zeus Luma Avatar outfit featured available at Cyberwere

Download Luma Glow Shader