Furality 2020

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Join us for virtual reality furry

May 22nd-24th, 2020

Furality Online Xperience is a virtual reality furry convention bringing furry events to you!

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Registration is now closed.

Before the convention starts, join the Furality Online Xperience Discord server to share avatars, meet fellow attendees, and keep up to date with the latest news!

Furality Discord
No VR Headset Required

You can experience Furality with a VR headset or in Desktop mode on your PC. All you need is a computer capable of running VRChat.

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Furality Events

Furality Online Xperience consists of a variety of VRChat world instances with different events scheduled throughout the convention weekend.


Interact and make friends with furries sharing a common interest with meetups based on a topic.


Hear from community leaders and artists about creating your own communities and content for VRChat.

Social Lobbies

Hang out, get to know other attendees, and make friends in one of the lobby instances.

Furality Logo

Hear music played by live DJs every night, streamed directly into the Furality dance club.


Play games with other furries right in VRChat. Everything from hosting a game show to murder mystery!

Avatar Worlds

Find a furry avatar in one of the many avatar worlds created by the VRChat furry community.

SaveAFox Rescue

All donations collected during Furality Online Xperience support SaveAFox Rescue, who are dedicated to rescuing captive-born foxes from fur farms and animal hoarding situations, as well as caring for surrendered pet foxes.

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Common questions regarding Furality Online Xperience

While we definitely recommend VR for the best experience, no VR headset is required! All that is needed is a computer capable of running VRChat in desktop mode. For system requirements, please visit the Steam store page for VRChat.

The VR furry community has existed for a number of years now, however due to the present limitations with hosting an in-person convention, it's our time to shine and welcome the furry fandom as a whole. We're hoping to introduce new members to our virtual world, make connections with others, and celebrate our community.

The convention will be held May 22 through May 24 2020

Hosting a virtual convention presents many challenges, but also many advantages compared to in-person conventions. Furality utilizes a software solution to these challenges. Our convention platform website provides a centralized portal enabling creation of world instances. Don't worry, it'll all be clear during the convention!

Further information regarding available furry avatars, avatar bases, and custom avatar artists is available on our Discord server.

Absolutely not! Furality Online Xperience is the furry convention that never ends. Just about every night the VRChat furry community hangs out together. Feel free to come say hi!